Male multiple orgasm generator

Male multiple orgasm generator way of picturing this is to think of your psychobiological energy as Adelgazar 20 kilos up, rather as it might in a battery. But it is better to think of it as a wave rolling in toward the shore. But in this case it is more like waves depicted when showing sound or radio waves.

The wave builds up its crest, and then the wave discharges its power and is flattened. In a sense, the energy is grounded, rather like it Male multiple orgasm generator when lightning flashes. With sexual energy the grounding or discharge that happens in ejaculation can become the basis of another physical life form — a baby.

The wave theory of sex What the eastern teachings suggest is that the energy should not be grounded or discharged. It should be lifted up to its peak, and then, instead of discharge it can be held Male multiple orgasm generator and pushed higher. Male multiple orgasm generator this can be achieved we burst into a new dimension of experience and expression. In the natural course of life, if your energy is left to do its own thing, it will usually build up its wave height, and then discharge in some way.

The natural processes in you attempt this because one of your main drives is reproduction. But just as we have learned to understand natural processes such as electrical discharge, and use them for our Male multiple orgasm generator purposes, such as light and heat, so also the natural flow of psychobiological energy can be used in a way to leap beyond its habitual course. Remember that your psychobiological energy expresses in many different ways.

It can Ry movie tgp as motor energy in muscular movement; it expresses all the time as the self-regulating processes of regeneration and repair in your body.

It expresses Male multiple orgasm generator the urges you feel, to eat and breathe, to make love and to communicate. It is the energy behind your emotions, you're thinking, Male multiple orgasm generator, and behind the higher functions of creativity and inspiration.

What the eastern teachings say, and I believe rightly so, is that if this psychobiological energy is redirected in the right way, then it can lead to what in the east is called Liberation or Enlightenment. What this means is Male multiple orgasm generator you arrive at an enormous synthesizing of your whole life experience, and understanding beyond rationalization, in which you know your essential self.

But perhaps the most important thing to recognize here in regard to this energy and the subject of sexual tiredness is that the psychobiological energy is the way that Life itself expresses. It is the energy that forms and maintains your body. Of course you could call it a process rather than energy.

Male multiple orgasm generator

But it is still a process that moves, that directs, that effects change. So bear with me if I use the word energy. It is also the energy lying behind emotion, thinking, fantasy, dreaming, and the whole realm of experience we call self.

Live video Free chat sexy is important to recognize. The reason being that if your energy is grounded, or discharged time after time, there is less chance of it building up to flow into different forms of mental and emotional activity. As Freud so rightly pointed out, frustrated or repressed sexual energy can.

It is the energy of life and flows into mental and emotional experiences that seem completely real, completely Male multiple orgasm generator. So if you Male multiple orgasm generator the path I suggest that enables you to achieve an orgasm without ejaculation, you must understand that it will challenge you in certain ways. Greater energy will heal and unveil weaknesses I needed to be specific about this to help you clearly understand the situation.

If an enormous amount of energy is passed through any machine or circuit, the weak parts will be revealed in some way. In the human being the build up of psychobiological energy actually attempts revitalization and harmonizing of mind and body. But in doing so it pushes toward consciousness the problems, such as childhood trauma, limiting ideas and concepts or beliefs, and physical problems that Male multiple orgasm generator in the way of that revitalization.

It pushes them into your awareness, into your life experience. Previously they were unconscious and buried within you prior to the energy buildup. There is usually resistance toward meeting such feelings or problems. And if they are not met and Male multiple orgasm generator with, the energy might flow into the craziest of fantasies or beliefs.

There is a simple way of dealing with that possibility. It is to remember that the energy or process behind your existence is life itself. As such it is enormously creative. It has in it the power of life and death. There is nothing other than Male multiple orgasm generator process of life. Everything relates to it. Therefore you, as an expression of that Life, are also incredibly creative. With the Male multiple orgasm generator of your Life you can create a heaven or hell in your own experience.

You can create a sense of God or Male multiple orgasm generator devil, angels or demons, and death pits or exuberant life. So as long as you remember that whatever you meet is a projection, a manifestation, of your own creativity, and you own it as such, you will be able to handle the enormously increased potential arising from the following practices. It must be understood that the things I am about to describe are principally for the male.

Orgasm generator multiple Male

Male multiple orgasm generator, some of what has already been said, and some of what will be described, can be useful for a female to use and understand. There is a tremendous urge toward ejaculation in the male, and in the female a discharge of lubricating fluid and other excretions. In the male, every natural urge is toward planting his seeds, or laying his eggs.

In the woman there are similar urges, but toward wanting the male inside Male multiple orgasm generator and urging him to fertilize her. Obviously, for personal reasons, these urges are often frustrated in one way or another to avoid pregnancy and its consequences, or because of psychological distortions. It is very important to understand these natural urges in yourself.

If you are to succeed in moving from the misery of exhaustion after sex, you have to learn to work with these waves of energy within yourself, and not to be in conflict with them. What you will learn is not massive control, but the gradual development of a Male multiple orgasm generator possibility in your experience Male multiple orgasm generator sexuality. In fact you will learn to gradually lead the drive to plant your seeds - the cresting wave - up into your being as heightened feelings, instead of it spilling out of your body in the discharged wave.

You will do this by learning to masturbate in a new way. So, to start with, recall to memory Adelgazar 50 kilos times and the experience of ejaculation. Remember those moments when your body reaches the cresting wave, like going past a point of balance, and dropping into full of ejaculation.

It is that point, that balance that we have to work with.

Generator Male multiple orgasm

The urge Male multiple orgasm generator go past that point of balance is intense and natural, but that does not mean it cannot be changed. Evolution in humans and animals only occurs because there are almost unlimited possibilities of change and development.

This means that although it is natural for you to fall over the edge into its activation, this can be changed. Male multiple orgasm generator is a part of the possibilities you hold within yourself. This is done by what I call playing on the edge. I sometimes think of it as dancing on the rim of the volcano without falling in.


This is done and practiced Dietas faciles using masturbation. Personally, I don't think this is worth trying with a partner to start with, only once you have learned to master it through masturbation. The practice: You need time alone during which you will not Male multiple orgasm generator disturbed. This can be anywhere in which you feel secure and can relax.

Yes, you must learn to relax. Relaxation is a key feature of transforming your sexual impulse. Without relaxation the experience of sex remains genital, and it is difficult Male multiple orgasm generator it to transform into non-ejaculation orgasm.

Rather than attempt to teach relaxation here, and make this feature very wordy, I suggest you inquire into relaxation elsewhere.

So, Male multiple orgasm generator a relaxed state, touch your body - not genitals yet - slowly and gently. The aim is to gradually awaken the pleasurable feelings in yourself and to relax you further.

Orgasm generator multiple Male

Male multiple orgasm generator If you enjoy cream or oil being rubbed on your body, do this to yourself and slowly move to touching your genitals. It doesn't matter in the least if no erection occurs. It is an exercise in slowness, relaxation, and the development of pleasure.

Make slow movements across the penis rather than up and down. I call Male multiple orgasm generator "playing the guitar". It can excite the sexual pleasure without leading directly to ejaculation. Gradually make this movement more intense. Use the tips of your fingers to press hard at the root of the penis, still crossways. One of the things you are aiming at is Male multiple orgasm generator reduce sensitivity, and this rough handling can help to do this. It thereby enables a much fuller contact with your partner before any process of ejaculation occurs.

Now you are reaching Male multiple orgasm generator point of the exercise. Slowly make the movements more intense until you begin to get near to that point of balance, the crest of the wave that leads to ejaculation. There will be an intense urge to complete the process, and thus ejaculate. But before you get to that point, stop, relax, let the whole urgency of genital feelings gradually melt and slow down. When your being has pulled back from Black porn pic crest, start again.

Move toward the crest of the wave once more and draw back.

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Do this three times. Male multiple orgasm generator you are with your Male multiple orgasm generator and get near the edge, pause, relax until the urgency subsides. Perhaps there will even be a lessening in your erection.

This is okay. Slowly resume your love making. Each time you drop back from the crest your ability to express full movement and to experience powerful pleasure and ecstasy will increase. There is a difficult point here that you must gradually learn. As already stressed, every urge in you will push you toward ejaculation. Of course there is a certain satisfaction in the ejaculation.

But there is also a satisfaction in heightened feelings of pleasure. So what you are trying to do with this practice of dancing on the edge is to gain great satisfaction without falling into the volcano.

This can only be done if you learn to Dietas faciles relax more and more until the excitation in your body can express very fully. I need to be specific about this so you will understand what is meant. Relaxation is a major key If you cannot Male multiple orgasm generator your body's excitation lead to spontaneous movement, spontaneous sound or moans, then you still have had a lot to learn about relaxation. Relaxation means freedom.

It is the freedom to move, to cry out; and especially the freedom to feel extraordinary depths of emotion, fantasy or inner experience. This freedom is a key factor. Without it you will not reach the enhanced sexual orgasmic experience that is possible through non-ejaculation.

All that will happen is that you will feel frustrated because ejaculation has not taken place, and there has been nothing else to satisfy you. Don't forget Male multiple orgasm generator your body is gradually learning a new skill. Give it time. Do not be discouraged by failure. Even when you have learned the process well, there will still be times when your body actually needs to ejaculate. You will know when this skill is being learned because sometimes you will reach great pleasure without ejaculating, and you will feel satisfied afterwards.

You must remember Male multiple orgasm generator that you Dietas faciles frustrated one of the most urgent drives in nature - the drive to procreate and Male multiple orgasm generator do that by planting your seeds. Therefore, afterwards, your sexual feelings will be heightened. Your erections do not disappear simply because you have experienced orgasm.

When Male multiple orgasm generator apply this to your partner, even when she is satisfied, your erections will still be maintained. In fact, I believe some cases of inability to attain an erection, are due to unacknowledged depletion from too frequent sexual activity with ejaculation. Erection returns once the frequency of ejaculation is lessened. Dancing on the edge of the volcano As you practice this Male multiple orgasm generator masturbation and learn to draw back from the edge and relax, a turning point occurs.

Your sensitivity decreases in terms of the urge to ejaculate. Gradually you go right over the edge without ejaculation. In other words you move beyond ejaculation into enormous orgasmic feelings that flow right through your body. In fact this is an important point because, through your relaxation, you learn to allow the pleasure to flow up your body rather than out of your penis.

If you are Dietas faciles this through tension, or by not allowing your body and feelings free expression, this point of transition cannot occur. But when it does, it is an extraordinary experience.

Generator Male multiple orgasm

You are then ready to begin to enjoy that freedom with a partner. Do not be upset if Male multiple orgasm generator cannot immediately transform your ability in masturbation to non- ejaculatory orgasm with your partner. Be patient with yourself. Also, help your partner to understand your need to stop and relax at certain points. If you have a partner who frantically wishes to push on with powerful movements at the point that you need Male multiple orgasm generator slow down, then you will simply be frustrated in your efforts to experience this new pleasure with each other.

If you can work Male multiple orgasm generator however, then your partner can also move on to full enjoyment of multiple orgasms without your needing ejaculation. This is because after a certain point you can completely allow your own full movements, and the movements of your partner.

There will be a man and a woman and they are having sex. Up against a Male multiple orgasm generator, in a bed, in a car, anywhere. Vertically, horizontally. Clothed or unclothed. None of that matters, because the outcome will be the same. Within a minute, usually, the man and woman will have an orgasm at the same time. Milf with big tits cum tribute Multiple generator Male orgasm.

In fact tremendous joy comes from being able to move on and on without tipping over the edge. Hot and heavy loving with hungry kisses and tender caresses that promise orgasmic bliss for Male multiple orgasm generator you and your eager partner when all of a sudden you're one thrust past the edge, the dam bursts and it's over. You're finished, "spent" and ready for sleep. Male multiple orgasm generator still waiting for more, perhaps wistfully contemplating a purchase of that acrylic vibrating dildo her friend has been raving about.

Well, you're not alone in this too-quick-for-her-climax intercourse. The "average" man makes about 50 thrusts before he ejaculates. Even the most optimistic lover can see these numbers just don't add up! But don't roll Male multiple orgasm generator and nod off yet, there are some simple things you can do to bring your partner and you much closer together.

Physically men's and women's arousal rates vary widely, but for the most part women become fully turned on much more slowly than men. So a great way to make sure you're both happy with your love life is to include lots of foreplay.

Help her reach orgasm with your fingers, tongue, and lips before you even start to have intercourse. Secondly, most men experience with sex starts out as rather furtive masturbation, a quick release in the bathroom or under the bedcovers before someone can see what's going on. Then onto early sexual experiences with a girlfriend Male multiple orgasm generator back seats of cars or in a basement recreation room, again in a hurry, before she changes her mind Adelgazar 40 kilos her parents come along to change it for her.

Now when you have the time and space for long lovemaking good old John is still back in the "I've got to come now" days, and he's not going to Male multiple orgasm generator down just because you tell him to. That's like asking a guy who's trained as a sprint champ to bring home a gold medal in the meter instead.

On Love Coupling Sexual exhaustion In that early memory, some hours after masturbation I ran to catch a bus. London buses in those days had an open platform at the end that you could run and jump onto. As I ran to jump onto the Male multiple orgasm generator I realized it was really difficult to move my limbs because I felt so tired. Subsequent experiences strengthened the connection in my mind between such episodes Male multiple orgasm generator tiredness and ejaculation. Another factor adds to my viewpoint of such tiredness being physiological rather than psychological. I have always been a very active person physically and psychologically. Hot milf wife fucked Multiple orgasm generator Male.

He may well be able to make the shift but he's going Male multiple orgasm generator need coaching. You can train him with your mind, your muscles and your breath or a combination of all three. It's not entirely up to you either; your loving partner can assist.

After all it's for her benefit as well! The first step is to become aware of your Male multiple orgasm generator levels of arousal.

Experiment, take your time and give yourself a very real self-loving exploration, not just a quick masturbatory Male multiple orgasm generator. Notice how your penis moves through distinct changes before orgasm and ejaculation, he's not just soft and then hard and spewing. There are four defined stages of erection: The fourth stage, rigid erection, characterized by a penis that's very stiff a boner and very hot, signifies ejaculation is close at hand. Through attentive Male multiple orgasm generator and the playful hands of your sweetheart you can learn how to stay for longer periods of time in the exciting, but less explosive, third stage of firm erection.

When you feel yourself moving into the hard, hot level stop stimulation, relax and pay attention to your breathing. Breathe slowly and deeply. The Power of Breath - Conscious breathing is a key for extended lovemaking. Rapid breathing excites and arouses you. Slow, controlled breathing, way down into your belly, calms you and helps delay ejaculation. Focusing on Adelgazar 40 kilos breath takes your attention away from your genitals.

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Synchronizing your breathing rhythm with your partner's strengthens your connection with each other. Adding sound to your breathing can also help you ride the edge of pleasure. As you exhale send out a deep lion roar.

Feel the Male multiple orgasm generator come from your scrotum, up through your belly and lungs and out your mouth as a powerful release of the orgasmic tension building inside you.

Where multiple orgasms are concerned, women definitely drew the long Male multiple orgasm generator. For most women, achieving multiple orgasms is a regular event, but for men, the feat is a lot more difficult. Throughout the sexual experience, you should be concentrating Male multiple orgasm generator your breathing. Take deep and deliberate breaths throughout sexual intercourse. In order to control your orgasm, you need to learn how to control your PC muscle. To locate it, try to hold your pee in the next time you go to the toilet. How can you tell if someone likes you quiz Generator Male multiple orgasm.

An easy way to practice this is to interrupt your urine stream when you are going to the bathroom. Perineum Pressure - Pressing on the Male multiple orgasm generator, a spot midway between your scrotum and your anus will help to stop ejaculation because this spot reaches through to the prostate gland.

It is the prostate that contracts and expands Male multiple orgasm generator orgasm and then expels the ejaculation fluid. Ask your partner to apply this loving pressure for you. Testes Tug - When a man nears orgasm his scrotum rises up closer to his body.

Multiple orgasm generator Male

You can delay ejaculation by gently pulling your testes down and away from your body. Your partner can also do this for you. Passion Pump - This technique, which combines squeezing the PC muscles, rolling your eyes upward, touching your tongue to the roof of your mouth, and visualizing your sexual energy flowing up through your body while you practice controlled deep breathing is one of the Male multiple orgasm generator effective ways of Male multiple orgasm generator ejaculation.

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It's a Taoist sexual kung fu Male multiple orgasm generator that has the added benefit of helping you circulate your sexual energy through your body rather than having it remain hot and heavy in your genital region. It is easier to delay ejaculation by focusing on moving your sex energy through your body rather than focusing on not ejaculating. Stopping movement, relaxing a little and breathing deeply and slowly will all aid with this practice.

Importance of Prostate Gland - When you practice delaying ejaculation it Male multiple orgasm generator very important to massage the prostate gland, so that it doesn't become sore. You can do Male multiple orgasm generator by Male multiple orgasm generator on the perineum. The prostate can be felt as a bumpy walnut shape beneath Male multiple orgasm generator fingers.

Especially delightful is massaging in circular motions, first clockwise and then counterclockwise, with a piece of folded silk on the perineum spot. Male multiple orgasm generator Technique - A superb thrusting technique that brings great pleasure to a woman and helps a man to last is a combination of deep and shallow thrusts. By shallow thrusts we mean your penis only enters 1. These first couple of inches is the Male multiple orgasm generator sensitive part of a woman's vagina.

Deep thrusts mean your penis enters as fully as you can. In this technique you combine a Male multiple orgasm generator of nine fairly quick shallow thrusts with one slow deep one.

The shallow thrusts stimulate your partner's most sensitive vaginal tissues and at the same time create a vacuum effect that makes her ache for the deep thrust to come.

And because most of your thrusts are shallow ones, exciting only the first few inches of your penis, you're able to rock on for much longer! At first you will tighten your genitals and everything will contract at once. Later you will be able to contract your anal muscles without moving your penis or scrotum, or pull up your scrotum while your anus and penis remain relaxed, or bob your penis up and down while nothing else moves.

Eventually just a thought will relax everything, especially your smooth genital muscles, sending your hot sexual energy shooting through your body, La buena dieta out the end of your penis, but instead into your partner through eye contact, intercourse, or touching. Smooth muscles are internal muscles over which you normally have no conscious control.

You may not have been aware that you Male multiple orgasm generator smooth muscles. They're muscles like your heart muscle. Becoming aware Male multiple orgasm generator your smooth muscles and eventually gaining enough mastery to be able to consciously keep them relaxed will enable blood to flow into the penis, maintaining an erection almost indefinitely—certainly long enough to satisfy the most demanding partner, through and through.

Gaining control over the smooth muscles in your genitals is the key to maintaining your peak sexual arousal for long periods of time—even long enough to experience whole body orgasms, rather than simply genital orgasms. In a whole body orgasm your entire body becomes an exquisite erogenous zone, much like your genitals always are.

You can actually reach orgasm when your lover is rubbing your chest, or sucking on your toes and fingers, or nibbling your ears and throat. The magical key to opening the doorway into Male multiple orgasm generator whole body orgasms is relaxation of your smooth muscles, no matter how aroused, excited, or turned on you are. Train your mind to think of something other than ejaculation. Thinking "I don't want to ejaculate" is still thinking about ejaculation. You must have something else to focus your attention.

We don't recommend reciting sports stats or in any Male multiple orgasm generator diverting your attention from lovemaking. It is essential that you be fully present from moment to moment. But instead of thinking about ejaculation, or worrying about ejaculating too quickly, we suggest you think about pleasing your partner.

Learn to take pleasure for yourself in the pleasing of your partner. Notice how she reacts when your tongue is exploring around her clitoris, but also notice how her clitoris feels on your tongue. Notice how she enjoys when you suck on her nipples, but also notice how her breasts feel pressed against your face.

Notice how she moans when you gently run your fingers up the inside of her thighs; also notice how her skin feels so soft and warm against your Male multiple orgasm generator. With your attention Adelgazar 10 kilos engaged in this way—on your partner, your breath, your genital muscles—you are going to last a long time.

As your lovemaking goes on, and on, and on With this opening comes an experience of ecstasy, bliss, joy, and wonder. This is where mastery of ejaculation can lead you and your satisfied partner.

A non-ejaculatory orgasm Adelgazar 10 kilos not result in any loss of energy.

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On the contrary, your energy can build indefinitely to higher and higher intensities. It usually feels different from a Male multiple orgasm generator ejaculation orgasm, although sometimes the sensations that accompany a normal ejaculation are also experienced in the non-ejaculatory variety.

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These sensations are not the same as the sensation located in the genitals during ordinary orgasm, but they are superb. Your body would contract and jerk involuntarily with the force of this flow of energy. This rush of sensations lasts much longer than a genital orgasm, for example from several minutes up to a timeless, continuous bliss state.

A normal ejaculation leads to energetic letdown and loss of desire. After an ejaculation you do not feel like cuddling your partner and you just want to roll over and go to sleep. You would Male multiple orgasm generator this depletion whether your ejaculation is involuntary or voluntary, and it become more noticeable as you grow older. By comparison, a non-ejaculatory orgasm would leave you relaxed, but not tired; and perdiendo peso experience sense of vitality and vigor.

You bask in an afterglow of high energy, an intensification of sensation, and creative potential. This does not interfere with sleep, because there is a sublime combination of aroused excitement with complete relaxation.

Remember, never force retention! Let it happen Male multiple orgasm generator, if Male multiple orgasm generator have to let it go then do so. Just don't throw away your Male multiple orgasm generator Sometimes if you have been conserving for Male multiple orgasm generator while and you get a signal that you MUST let it out. Sometimes sexual energy can get backed up in the kidneys which means you should ejaculate. Squeeze the Male multiple orgasm generator towards the prostate to massage it.

A more advanced technique is to squeeze the anus and pull back on the perineum to help lock the anus. At the same time you seal the tip of your penis with your mind and concentrate on the pubic center, the point at the base of the penis. An important exercise to do Adelgazar 50 kilos Rub both hands to become warm, then cup the testicles with the left hand first and use the right hand to rub around the pubic bone in an anti-clockwise circular motion in multiple of 9, i.

Then switch hand and do it the other way.


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Remember to feel the energy when you Male multiple orgasm generator circling and notice the sexual energy being transformed into chi energy! The resulting intensity of pleasure is probably half of that felt in a full ejaculatory orgasm but potentially unending.

Furthermore, the associated sexual Male multiple orgasm generator exercise, and the learned ability to better control those organs mentally, has greatly increased the scope and depth my sexual pleasure.

It is my opinion that I have learned to enhance and maintain indefinitely the physical events and associated pleasure of an absolutely imminent ejaculatory orgasm.

Feelings of pleasure are augmented by intense loin vasocongestion and readiness, and sexual organ fluid fullness and pressure.

The following discussion attempts to teach men how to achieve this continuous orgasm, and to explain the physiological Male multiple orgasm generator of this phenomenon. My discovery of the continuous orgasm was accidental, but recounting the event may help others separate their emissions orgasm and ejaculatory experiences. The first time I experienced the potential of this technique I was masturbating while stoned on pot. Stimulation to my penis Male multiple orgasm generator somewhat dulled.

I got close to orgasm but sensed that my orgasm was going to be weak, so I stopped all stimulation, knowing that I could build up to a better orgasm. When I was able to resume penile stimulation I noticed the pleasure of touching my penis was greater Possibly five "close calls" later, my prostate had swollen and my seminal vesicles hardened and discharged but no semen flowed into my urethra. Pot seems to broaden the threshold between my orgasm emissions phase and the ejaculatory reflex response.

Orgasm pleasure emanated from my testes, which were swollen and drawn under the tissue next to my penis. Possibly thirty minutes into this routine my loin muscles began to ache, so I proceeded to the most intensely pleasurable orgasm and high quantity ejaculation I had ever had.

Long afterward my sexual organs continued to radiate an enjoyable ache. I had given these muscles a hearty exercising! I eagerly anticipated my next masturbation session, with delay dictated by my need to reload with semen. I no longer use, or do I advocate the use of pot because of its damaging effect on the lungs. A marijuana brownie could do the trick, or possibly another serotonin reuptake inhibitor Prozac? Anyway, pot use helped me control and broaden the threshold of ejaculatory inevitability, thus facilitating the learning of the continuous orgasm.

Pot use also has Male multiple orgasm generator strong aphrodisiac effect when I entertained myself in this pre-ejaculation orgasm stage.

Feelings of pleasure sex munchies are enhanced. For several months, without pot, I rarely achieved intense orgasm feelings without eliciting a few spasmodic pumping throbs and ejaculating small amounts of seminal fluid. With practice though, use of pot is not necessary to enjoy orgasms without ejaculation. Practice results in discoveries of higher degrees Male multiple orgasm generator sexual pleasure and sensations, so it is easy to exercise! At this point I would like to discuss the physiology of the male ejaculatory orgasm.

Reference books describe the event in stages involving sexual organ vasocongestion, rising to the plateau stage, then the orgasm which consists of internal sexual organ emissions and the ejaculation reflex response. Events beyond the plateau phase can be broken into many additional stages. My first orgasm pleasure sensations come from my testes, which draw up into my body.

When men first sense the arrival of an orgasm, those feelings emanate from the epididymis and the spermatic cords which contract and spasm to move sperm up the ductus vas deferns into the ampullary gland or ampulla.

The ampulla filling with sperm accentuates sexual stimulation pleasure. Continued penile stimulation soon triggers a hardening Male multiple orgasm generator the seminal vesicles which also discharge Male multiple orgasm generator. The sperm and seminal fluid in the ampulla then flows into the ejaculatory ducts. Sufficient pressure quickly Mature sucks black cock on beach in the ejaculatory ducts to trigger a hardening of the prostate, which discharges directly into the urethra.

Ejaculation is inevitable once the prostate hardens. Semen discharged from the penis comes in a distinct sequence of partially mixed emissions: Note that there are valves at Male multiple orgasm generator ends of the ejaculatory ducts and that fluids pressure triggers the ejaculation reflex.

Male multiple orgasm generator, I orgasm and discharge sperm, ampullary gland, and seminal s naked models fluid into the ejaculatory ducts without triggering ejaculation. I have trained myself to lock Male multiple orgasm generator the ejaculatory duct valves during these emissions. The best way to portray this relaxation Male multiple orgasm generator to visualize the feeling you create trying to initiate urination.

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Urinary tract muscle relaxation locks the ejaculatory ducts valves closed, even as the seminal vesicles proceed to harden and discharge. Ampullary gland fluid, sperm and seminal fluid Male multiple orgasm generator builds behind the duct valves. Stopping stimulation to the penis and relaxation halts the emissions pressure driven progression to the hardening of the prostate and the ejaculatory reflex.

Sexual organ muscle contractions, and seminal fluid movement and pressure produce the feelings of an orgasm, and give rise to greatly heightened penis stimulation pleasure. Getting "close" to the point of seminal vesicle hardening brunette big tits Tall emissions orgasm at least ten times, involving roughly fifteen minutes of pre-ejaculatory pleasure results in the Male multiple orgasm generator of continuous orgasm.

With experience and exercise, I have raised the pressure and pleasure level required to trigger the ejaculation reflex response. I sense exactly how much more pressure can build before crossing the threshold to ejaculatory inevitability. My emissions orgasms are stronger and ultimately continuous without triggering ejaculation. My seminal vesicles harden right after I have nearly Male multiple orgasm generator hence they are almost constantly hard and discharging. My prostate swells without hardening, currently to about just Male multiple orgasm generator as large as during a full ejaculatory orgasm.

Emissions increase the amount of fluid held in the ampulla and ejaculatory ducts, with an associated increase in pleasure and passion of sexual readiness. The presence of sperm, ampullary gland, and seminal fluid in my ejaculatory ducts is evidenced by sensations I can produce after nearly cumming. Shortly after ceasing stimulation I can contract my bulbospongiosus muscle and thereby press on my prostate and feel the fluids being pushed back Male multiple orgasm generator into the ampulla and seminal vesicles.

This feeling of fluid movement and fullness is very Male multiple orgasm generator. I can stop masturbating, and hours days later still feel the semen in my loins eager for release. My testes also feel full and are slightly sensitive to jostling. Adelgazar 50 kilos my descriptions of the physical changes to internal sexual organs that occur during an orgasm and ejaculation.

By placing a middle finger into your rectum the hardening of the seminal vesicles, ampullary gland, and prostate can be palpitated digitally. Softly massaging the prostate and ampulla when they are gorged from orgasmic filling is pleasurable.

The ampullary gland is felt when hard as the triangular organ, point facing downward, which lies just above the prostate. I attribute it partially to PC strength, and largely to training my dick to expect not to ejaculate when it climaxes. At first I would do sessions of masturbation, dedicated to nothing other than training for climax without ejaculation.

Male multiple orgasm generator abandoned the pursuit of pleasure as a goal in the masturbation, Male multiple orgasm generator I knew that could lead me astray, and would probably cum. Then I would build up again, until nearest climax and clamp down on my PC whilst having stopped stimulation, and Male multiple orgasm generator repeating many, many times, squeezing the life out of my PC.

This practice slowly teaches my dick to expect to not cum. I would do the same practice again and again and each time taking myself even closer to climax before I stopped stimulation and clamped down on my PC. I would become flaccid from the prolonged PC squeeze.

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After several weeks the Male multiple orgasm generator became easier and easier to achieve. In the early stage, I had to use sheer PC power to stop Male multiple orgasm generator, but as time went by I Male multiple orgasm generator myself having to use much less PC effort to stop ejaculation whilst climaxing. I believe this is because the neural pathways from the brain to the dick have been programmed with this new skill. It took time, effort and practice to build this auto pilot programme in my brain.

Now climaxing without ejaculation is second nature to me. My dick does it automatically most of the time. Depending on the duration of stimulation, if I allow myself to reach climax fairly quickly, I usually still have to clamp my PC a bit harder in order to stop ejaculation, but it is still rather easy. It's all about the PC clamping effort at Adelgazar 15 kilos beginning, but once you have succeeded and time goes by, the brain Male multiple orgasm generator efficient at it and it is then more about the brain programming rather than PC effort.

This is my own personal experience. What we want to achieve is to have an orgasm without ejaculation. It may sound impossible but it isn't. Most of the time, these two occur simultaneously.

However, we need to be re-educated that orgasm and ejaculation are two different things. First Male multiple orgasm generator Do the PC flex thing. You stop the stimulation and squeeze your PC muscle as hard as you can. It is to be noted that not many are successful with this method. In fact, squeezing PC muscle during sexual act triggers the ejaculation. However, we want to be familiar with our PC muscle so that we know how to relax it at the crucial moment. Male multiple orgasm generator point: Ejaculation is always accompanied by muscle tension in most parts of the body.

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Male multiple orgasm generator Your heart Male multiple orgasm generator is Male multiple orgasm generator, your entire body stiffens, and of course the PC Muscles contract several times. Kegel exercises are used by women to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles during and after pregnancy. Reaching climax is a huge release of energy. Adelgazar 15 kilos like a sneeze, this release can be controlled with the right techniques and a little determination.

The moment you feel the orgasm sensation beginning to build, control your breathing, and visualise the energy moving away from your groin and up Male multiple orgasm generator your torso and arms. Well, the only way to proceed is to give it a try. This Male multiple orgasm generator a huge amount of practice, so expect to have loads of fun. For the first few attempts, enjoy the ride and allow yourself to climax. However, as you approach the end game, try to stop yourself with your muscles.

In reality, it could take months of practice before you learn to pull yourself back from the brink at will. Regulating your breathing, controlling your PC muscle, diverting your orgasmic energy and staying aware all need to come together at the same time. Everyone needs to work out exactly which combination of these factors works best for them. But commitment and persistence should triumph eventually. And occasionally, things will get too hot and steamy to control your orgasmic energy.

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Male multiple orgasm generator

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